Chatham Erin Bay

Chatham Erin Bay is found on the coastal line of the district of Erin on the southwestern side of Trinidad.

The Bay is accessible through some remote farming villages like Chatham and Buenos Ayres.

Where you will find many massive gardens, with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

The drive to get to these areas is long and the road is not the best, but it is worth the road trip.

Chatham Erin Bay
Chatham Erin Bay


After spending the night in Buenos Ayres we decide to take a trek to the beach.

Starting inside Jackson St, you basically just follow the road and it takes you straight to the beach.

The beach is accessible by car but in the rainy season, you might encounter some mud as the road transitions from pitch to dirt road.


The distance is approximately three miles in from the junction to the beach.

Which might translate to bout forty-five minutes of walking, as you have several hills to cross.

The scenery along the road is very beautiful, as there aren’t many houses, and the electricity poles stop at a point.

You will pass a lot of gardens along the way and may encounter some wildlife.

We were lucky to see some parrots, flying off from one of the trees.

Chatham Erin Bay
Chatham Erin Bay

The Beach

The road takes you directly onto the beach, which is a sight to behold.

If you are lucky to visit on the low tide the beach itself is amazing, and you can do a coastal walk.

Walking down the beach you will see what is known as coastal erosion, where the sea causes the hills to break down, taking down trees and rocks with it.

It is amazing to see the power of nature as it reclaims the land.

Certain times of the year you will encounter jellyfish so be careful, also unlike the northern water, here is brown in color.


Once I visited and I would have witnessed a group windsurfing, seems to be a frequent spot for that.

Just take caution visiting the beach as it is remote and you may encounter non-locals, on the beach or the water.

Also, don’t do like others and try and keep the place clean, as a lot of garbage could be seen around the area.

Chatham Erin Bay
Chatham Erin Bay



Google map showing trail and location.