Seven Sisters – Jumping down the river

The area of Brasso Seco is a place filled with rich history and natural resources like the Seven Sisters.

Brasso Seco is the idle place for hikers on a weekend as there are plenty of rivers, waterfalls and various hiking trails from which to choose.

This hike we ventured to seek out and traverse the recently famous Seven Sisters.

I had been here some years before but didn’t go down the river, but started seeing a lot of hiking groups doing it lately.

The Hike

So our journey behinds with the long drive up the Arima Blanchisseuse old road then down into Brasso Seco.

Then making a left turn off the Paria Morne Blue Rd not too far before the junction with the Visitor Facility.

Then another ten to fifteen minutes on a dirt road until we met Marianne Tr, which will be where we started the hike.

This hike was pretty straight forward, as we walked into Marianne Tr you come to a river, and just have to follow the flow of the river.

Take into consideration this is a one way loop, just like Guanapo Gorges, after a point there is no turning back.

So make sure you have good weather on the northern range before attempting to do this hike, as the river turns violent really quick.

The fun

About five minutes down river, we come to the first stop, I am guessing the first of the seven sisters.

Consisting  of two drops (jumps) down, with the second step being challenging to get back up if you decide to go back but doable.

The second drop you have to swim through a deep but short gorge, then back to walking.

Unless you carry rope after the third drop there will be no turning back, as the climb and the water current will keep you from getting back up.

The forward path however is the more exciting one, with multiple jumps into gorgeous pools.

And about an hour from start you will reach the turning point, where you come off the river and onto a trail back out to the road.

This hike is a great adventure, but caution has to be taken beside the weather as there are slippery rocks, and debris in the water.

Google map showing trail and location.