Matura Jewel – Majestic

Matura Jewel - Majestic

The Matura Forest is loaded with gems and wildlife, one such gem is the Matura Jewel.

Matura is also known for Mermaid Pool, Mystic Pool and Manulot Waterfall.

Today I head back to the Jewel for the second time with my hiking group.

The starting location is hard to describe as I couldn’t find a name for the road.

But you can google Fun-Z-Land Nature Trails and basically that’s where you start.

Here you will find a nice river as you cross the wooden bridge that seems to be a hot spot for that river lime.

There is a nice flat area just after that along the river perfect for camping.

Not sure who owns it but there were trespassing signs up.


For the regular vehicles you hike starts here, for the regular four wheelers you can drive further and cut off about forty mins walk.

The hike begins on a wide dirt road, used for logging and hunting.

You will have a generally uphill trek, nothing too steep, with intervals of flat.

Approximately Forty-five minutes in, the dirt road narrows into a trail which will then take you another forty minutes give or take.

At this point you will then have a five minutes descent into the river.

The Jewel

While descending the hill you will gaze upon the most pleasing sight in the middle of the forest.

And as you reach the bottom you will have full view of one of the prettiest turquoise pools in the Matura river.

Not sure where the name Majestic or Jewel came from but they both perfectly describe this location.

The pool is cover by the canopy, so it is shaded, but if you time it right when the sun is overhead, the water sparkles like a jewel.

The water is so clean I couldn’t even estimate the depth, as you could see straight bottom.

It is a perfect pool for swimming, diving or just taking a float.

If you head up stream the is a perfect place to sit on the rocks and chill or lay down in the shallow let the current massage you.

If you head downstream across the pool you will come up on a limestone waterfall.

This is a great hike if you get a few days of sun, as the trail won’t be muddy and the water will be pristine.

Just remember to keep your eyes on the ground and leave the trails just as you found it only leave footprints.

Google map showing trail and location.