Acono Waterfall and Gorge

Here we are again at maracas St Joesph, a place filled with numerous gems including that of Acono Waterfall. 

It has been a few years since I attempted to find this waterfall and this time I was successful.

The first time I reached the cave I heard the fall but did not see it and unfortunately, I turned back, only to realize I was ten steps away from this gem.



This hike is a pretty short one, possibly about a thirty to forty minutes hike, this all depends on your fitness and parking location.

For less adventurous drivers or non-off-road vehicles, your best choice is to park around Ortinola estate and start your trek from there.

Even if you have a 4×4 I would still recommend you start there, as parking and turning points are limited.

Five minutes into the walk you will pass a popular liming spot along the river just as you leave Ortinola.


Probably another five minutes after you will make a right turn onto a narrow dirt road, which starts with crossing the river.

This road carries on for another ten minutes cutting across the river multiple times.

You will pass a small waterfall and pool on your left, right next to a bamboo patch, apparently this one is frequent by the locals.

After passing this cascading fall, the road basically turns into a trail, where you will climb for a few minutes until you turn off on the left to head down into the forest.

River Hike

You will head down and then over another little hill into the river, which you will then follow upstream. I can’t even say it takes five minutes but it depends on your fitness.

Caution is advised on the river trek as the stones are mossy and very slippery, it was so bad I was standing and slip off a rock.

Going up the river you will pass a number of shallow spots until you reach on particular gorge where you have to swim across and climb up.


Fortunately this second time there was a tree in the pool so it was easier to cross and climb up.

Right after this as you bend the corner you will come up on the cave, just look out for the few bats.

Entering the cave you will have to cross a pool, about chest height if you are under five feet well you might need to do some swimming.

At the end of the pool, there is a little climb, it is doable without a rope but any assistance is welcomed.


Now you will be in the presence of the waterfall and it pool below.

It is amazing how the river cuts through the rocks and enters the cave, and created a nice plunge pool below.

The pool has some depth, so swimming or life jackets is necessary to reach under the fall itself.


The is also a place to sit around the pool and rest, however, the area is not well lit so I guess to make sure your camera has a good flash.

Unfortunately, the pool has a lot of debris, so as a few people enter it will get dirty quickly, but so worth the short trek.


Google map showing trail and location.