Guanapo Gorges – Heights of Guanapo

Guanapo Gorges

Guanapo Gorges

The Guanapo Gorge, located in the heights of Guanapo is one of the most breath-taking places to explore.

Its source comes from the southern foothills of El Cerro Del Aripo, Trinidad’s highest mountain

The downstream force of the river has eroded the landscape to create V-shaped gorge hundreds of feet high.

Its water is crystal clear and is an utter delight to swim through.

This hike takes you at least four miles into the hills on the Heights of Guanapo RD.

After about five minutes leaving the eastern main road, the road turns to a gravel road that goes on for miles.

Dusty in dry season, and muddy in rainy season, this road will take you to an active quarry.

There is an open area just before the quarry, and river, where you can park and begin.

The Trail

The hike begins on an open dirt road, just as you pass the quarry

You will cross multiple hills taking about twenty minutes before you reach a trail through the forest.

Another twenty minutes will take you through the forest down to the river containing crystal clear water.

Guanapo Gorges

At this point you make a left and take another trail across some more hill for another thirty to forty minutes.

Stay to the left of the sign saying Sambasson TR and not the right.

This takes you to the river at the top of the gorges, here the real fun begins, the start of the water hike.

It will now take you at most ten minutes down river, to reach the rock at the start of the gorges.

Guanapo Gorges

The Gorges

At this point, its your last chance to turn back, make sure the weather is good, and the water is not gushing or brown, otherwise turn around.

If you decided to go forward, you will then have to jump of a rock at least six feet high above water.


The pool below seems to be about fifteen plus feet, and the gorge is narrow.

Your options are now going down river, because climbing back onto the rock is a tedious job, not impossible but difficult.

Guanapo Gorges

From here you journey will take you to one of the marvels of nature.

A very beautiful v-shaped gorge spanning hundreds of feet high, and probably a mile or more long.

It will take possible thirty to forty minutes wading through the gorges and swimming across so amazing pools.

Guanapo Gorges

Until you exit at very large crystal clear, possible ten to fifteen feet deep pool.

From here you have less then ten minutes walk back to the first point you met the river.

Where you can then take the first trail back out to finish you hike.

An awesome hike, for those water lovers, with a lot of excitement.

Best if done in dry season, as the water in the gorges can go from calm to tidal wave in minutes.

Life jackets are recommended and water proof phone cases or back.

Your sandwich will get soaked.


Google map showing trail and location.