Mystery Pool and Three Sprouts

Mystery Pool & 3 Sprouts

Mystery Pool:

Feburary 12th 2017

Another day of scouting with Caribbean Hiking Adventures, the mission on this day was to the destination of Mystery Pool.

Our journey today took us onto Arima old road to Blanchisseuse, too a little village by the half way bar.

Here we met our tour guide at his house, geared up and started on foot up the road to the head of the trail.

Thirty minutes downhill to the river another forty-five to the destination, passing through various pools with small waterfalls.

Mystery Pool & 3 Sprouts

Mystery pool is a brilliantly tucked away gorge, where the river falls into a pool surrounded by hills on both side.

A nice place for climbing and jumping off the rocks into the pool, and swimming.

We decided to make the loop and see how it would be for the public hike in the week to follow.

This took us to several small unnamed falls, and to the area known, as three sprouts.

Mystery Pool & 3 Sprouts

Three sprouts contain multiple rivers which merge into the one that flow into mystery pool.

There you would find several different waterfalls and pools deep in the Forrest, untouched by the public.

Mystery Pool & 3 Sprouts

To exit three sprouts and finish the loop we climbed over a steep hill to the river on the other side. Following the river through several gorges and climbing small waterfalls to make our way out.

Spent the day in one of the nicer north coast rivers, making our way to more than five different waterfalls and cliff jumping.


Google map showing trail and location.

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