Hiking With CTS College


CTS College Hikers:

A great way to end April 2017, hiking with students from CTS College and Caribbean Hiking Adventures, visiting Balandra and Rampanalgas waterfalls.

Three big maxis, loaded with people ready to explore and enjoy nature.

Meeting at O’Meara early at morning, we geared up and hit the road to reach Balandra.

A long but enjoyable drive, as a lot of old talk took place on the road, at least in my vehicle.

Before you knew it we were at the destination, where the briefing took place and then we were off to the first location, which was Balandra falls.




Thirty minutes later across a river, over some hills to the first of the two waterfalls.

Located on the river as it flows down the hill side with massive pool under it. 

Here the crew would enjoy themselves for an hour then off to spot number two.

The journey from Balandra to Rampanalgas would take approximately and a half, to reach the twin falls.

The lower of the two would be a big very deep pool, good for diving and jumping from the heights.

while the second which is located on top, very shallow and a nice spot for pictures.


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