Adrenaline Rush – Ride with me

Kawasaki Ninja zzr600

Ride with Me:

As a child growing up, I was very passionate about bikes, loved riding with my cousins, building and maintaining my own bicycle.  My dad was also a biker himself before I was born, which he gave up for family life.

I used to enjoy when my dad would take me for on rides on the back of his friend’s motorcycles when they came to visit. Being a kid both scared and overwhelmed with joy, at the rumble and sheer power of the engine, I would hold on tight.

I had always dreamt of owning my first motorcycle and that I did after learning to ride on my brother’s.

Kawasaki zzr 600

2007 Kawasaki Ninja zzr600, bought with the intention of commuting to work, eventually turned into a hobby when we moved location. Made a few modifications to it over the years and changed up the colors a bit, adding on lights around the engine and under the seat and changing the headlights.

Recently I have become pre-occupied and neglected my Ninja, I started doing a lot of outdoor activities and hiking most weekends. After more than a year decided to take a weekend to give my ride some time, with a little service and polish.

Adrenaline Rush:

Nothing could explain the adrenaline rush of a biker, out on the open road beating against the winds while you open that throttle out. Having your shoes drag on the pitch as you lean to take those sharp turns, popping wheelie or doing burn-outs just to please the crowd, and of course avoiding the traffic.

Kawasaki zzr 600

We all however know the dangers of commuting on a motorcycle these days. Drivers don’t respect you on the road, I’ve also seen a lot of deaths within the few years. I also have some road rash and scars to show the dangers of being a biker.

I don’t ride in a crew, or for sport I just do it for the love of it, but the comradery of fellow bikers is overwhelming, they won’t pass you straight, and would help a fellow rider in need.


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