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GoPro Hero5 Session

The GoPro Hero5 Session:

Another great product by GoPro, small, sleek, and full of functionality that fits in the palm of your hands, changing the way you capture those missed moments.

This version of the GoPro is waterproof without a case up to 33ft (10meters), one button control, video stability and voice activated.

Although this version has no screen, by using the Capture App for your smart phone, you can remotely see the camera’s view, access and share your content over Wi-Fi.

It carries several capture modes which include, Video, Photo, and Time-lapse, it can record in 4k and take 10MP photos in both linear and wide screen.

DBPower Action Camera Vs GoPro Hero5 Session

I bought a DBPower along with a mount kit which I use as a dash cam and for some small outdoor recordings, after buying the Hero5 I can’t remember using the DBPower again.

The DBPower’s battery life wasn’t all that good maybe 30mins tops, as a dash cam I could keep it plugged in, but for external use it was not up to par, the GoPro gives me an hour and a half maybe more depends on how I use it.

The videos of the DBPower where in MOV format (larger files so larger memory card needed) compared to the GoPro MP4 and although the quality was good the fisheye would be an issue to fix on editing.

The good thing is the mount kit I bought works with the GoPro, and it is easy to switch between head strap, chest strap, car mount or selfie stick to get the all-round video experience.

GoPro Hero5 Session

I bought my unit to record some of my outdoor activities, but I have been finding new ways to use it, particularly I like looking back at my riding videos and when I go swimming at some of these north coast rivers of Trinidad.

I have been using my Hero for more than three months now and my only dislike is I find it gets rather hot sometimes when it’s in use, but other than that great gadget for catching those memories in high quality.


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