Turure Water Steps – Cumaca

Turure Water Steps

Turure Water Steps:

Located on the Turure River which crosses the Cumaca road, you would find deep in the Forrest the beautiful, majestic and scenic Turure Water Steps.

Given its name because it looks like a step like structure carved out of limestone by nature over the years.

To reach this scenic and majestic wonder of nature, you take the Cumana road not far from the Valencia junction. The drive on that road may take about 20 to 30 minutes until you meet the river on a corner just before the quarry.

Parking at the bridge you would take the trail that goes up a small incline right before the bridge, which leads into the Forrest.

The trail would take you across several streams of crystal clear water running through the rocks, until you reach a junction where you then proceed up the river taking the left.


Turure Water Steps

Nature at it’s best

About thirty to forty-five minutes and you would arrive at the amazing limestone formations, where the crystal-clear waters cascade down each level into pools just right for your enjoyment.

You can use the paths to climb onto the steps that follow, as it has several pools and steps that make up the water steps.

Most of the steps are not covered so you get the added visual of the sun glimmering of the water from different angles.

These steps formed over the years from limestone, is and amazing sight of nature.


Turure Water Steps

The one disadvantage of the Turure Water Steps is the fact that the water would get dirty as you walk through, due to underlying sediments, so going in a big crowd you may not see the beauty in the water.

As you go higher to splash in the pools the dirty water would flow over into the pool below.

A very short hike to a wonderful destination, great for family and friends to enjoy.


Always remember keep nature clean, don’t liter!!!

Google map showing trail and location of plane.

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