Rincon Basin – Black and Beautiful

Rincon Valley


Located just before Las Cuevas, on the northern range, and home to several beautiful hidden spots in the lush green Forrest.

The most popular which is the Rincon Waterfall, know by many for its water which is black in color that runs down from the tall rocky hillside.

Other than the Rincon waterfall, there is what is known as Black Pool, a smaller water fall and pool which is also black in color, and there are also some pools that are in the river or basin that feeds of the waterfall.

Rincon Basin:

Rincon Basin

The easier of the three I have been to is the basin, with it pools carved into the rocks, and area for having a decent lime.

This basin is just a small diversion off the more familiar path to Rincon, depends on your vehicle you can practically drive onto the trail crossing the two rivers cutting your walk done to about five minutes.

Shaded by the trees It’s a great spot for taking a splash, making a cook or just hanging out.

Rincon Waterfall:

Rincon Waterfall

Instead of turning off to the basin you can follow the road to access the trail to the majestic waterfall.

You will have to climb some hills through the lust Forrest, which may take you about forty-five minutes or less which all depends on your fitness,

This will take you to a steep descent where you will use rope to assist you done the ridge into the Rincon Waterfall.

Powerful as well as beautiful, another creation of nature, the water is mostly black due to lack of direct sunlight and leaves that reside at the bottom.

The pool is shallow in the center, deep in some parts of the outer rim allowing for jumping at certain spots or just chilling in the middle of the pool.

But you will want to swim across and enjoy the power of the water beating down from above and you site on the rocks at the base, another great candid spot.

Black Pool:

Black Pool

Located on a different trail, which can be accessed either from the Rincon trail, or from the road after the start to the Rincon trail.

This Road would take you up hill passing through one of the resident’s yard and garden into the Forrest at the top of the hills, this trek would take you approximately thirty minutes.

From the Rincon Waterfall side this trail would take you about an hour maybe more, through the densely-populated Forrest.

This pool seems to be a source of water to resident’s as you can see pipes running down the hill side from it. Another great sight and wonder of nature, although the water is black it is very clean and you can see through it as you come closer.


Beware while trekking through the Forrest of Ricon which lies just below the El Tucuche hillside of the many creatures that inhabit the area.

The area is filled with various wild life mainly the venomous snakes (Mapepire), crabs, spiders, and a lot of insects so take caution when hiking through these areas.


As always try to keep nature clean as you enjoy it.

Google map showing trail and location of plane.

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