Mermaid Pools

Mermaid Pools

Matura River

Three pools tightly nested together, found on the Matura River, form up the most popular Mermaid Pools apart from the many other pools along the river or Matura Basin.

The Matura river which can be found on the north-east of Trinidad flows through the lush pine Forrest creating several pools great for relaxing or taking a swim on a sunny day.

Mermaid Pools

Mermaid Pools

Starting in Thomas Trace located just before Matura outreach center, it will take you about thirty minutes walking down hill to the river.

From here you would trek upstream for about ten minutes crossing multiple streams to reach this majestic destination.

Another option is using the shortcut to you left while going down the hill, which you will notice after crossing the big tree trunk that lies across the trail.

A steeper alternative to reach the pools, for those who don’t want to get their shoes wet.

The more popular of the pools lies on a corner of the river, as it flows between two hills, leaving a scenic yet beautiful area covered by the tall trees for your enjoyment.

A very nice location for just relaxing, swimming, or jumping of the rocks that surround the pool.

Mermaid Pools



The water is very clean and turquoise in color in the deeper areas, there are shallow areas, for just soaking on the rocks.

For the swimmers you can, enjoy the deeper part of the pool, sim across and dive off the rocks.

If you have your goggles you can enjoy the view from below the surface, and look at some fishes.

A great spot to take the kids and family for a day out doors.

Beware while walking through the shallow parts it may raise sediments and dirty parts of the pool, but it a perfect spot for a Sunday splash.




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