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Paria Waterfall

One of Trinidad’s most popular tourist attractions, home to various spots for relaxing and camping, containing rivers, waterfalls, and a beautiful beach known as Paria Bay.

Paria is also famous for viewing the leatherback sea turtles, as they come up along to lay eggs on the beach.

These massive turtles are a sight to see, as they come up to dig holes in the sand, lay their eggs, and cover it up before making their way back to the ocean.

What the waterfall used to look like.

Paria was changed in the year 2016, due to bad weather, heavy rains which caused massive damage to the river bed uprooting trees, and changing its course.

Currently, you can see massive trees along the shore close to the river mouth, trees that were along the river not just a few months ago.

The river was widened and the pool below the waterfall became much bigger, with a pile of rocks barricading the pool.


Trail walk:

The journey starts at the Blanchisseuese spring bridge, or if you have the proper vehicle you can drive further in saving twenty to thirty minutes’ walk.

For the off-road vehicles, the road currently goes to the first beach, where there is a house located on the hill at the beach.

The journey from the bridge would take the average person two hours to complete one way.

To start you would have you to walk in the sun for about thirty minutes, as there is no shade until you reach the start of the trail, it is recommended to start early.

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock:

The Trail is well kept and easy to navigate, through the forest, crossing several streams, and passing a beach with an island in the center, and the more famous turtle rock.

Turtle rock given its name because it looks like a turtle, has the most amazing view, with turquoise water and rock formations all around, you may even see the boat on its way to Tobago.


Paria Beach:

Touching down on the beach finally you would come across cathedral rock, a cave-like rock formation out in the water.

One the other side of the beach, you will see where the river meets the ocean, I brilliant spot for bathing, or just hanging out.

Paria Waterfall

The Waterfall:

From the beach, the waterfall is another fifteen to twenty minutes’ walk away from the shoreline.

The walk is worth it, to see the raging waters plunge into the pool below, a great spot for soaking and just clearing your head.

Due to the heavy rain in 2016 the water is now on its way to becoming clear and clean again, I would say in a few months it will be back to its normal blue color.

Paria trail on the north coast is must visit, filled with a lot of hidden streams and beaches with clean, crystal clear waters, untouched by many, due to access by foot.

For the ones who could visit, please remember to keep the place clean, and don’t litter.

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Google map showing trail and location.

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