Independance Day at Paragrant Bay

Paragrant Bay

Paragrant Bay.

Also known as Paragon, one of the most beautiful scenery you would see in Trinidad and Tobago with panoramic visuals, gardens on the hill side and the view overlooking the ocean.

Accessible from Paramin or from North Coast road  via the Fond Pois Doux Road (North Deck concrete road).

Driving on the concrete road, high up on the hilltops you have an amazing view of the bay below home to some small land masses and a majestic beach, and our nations capital in the distance.

Paragrant Bay

Trails and Routes

From the hill top you can access the bay using two different routes bout go down hill and are challenging to return.

The first is taking the Mohogany Ridge (the road just before north deck on you right side), following this road will take you straight to the beach.

For the adventurous and off road persons, you can drive all the way down to the bay.

This route keeps you in constant view of the ocean below and the vastly vegetated hill side, you will pass numerous houses and a couple of laden fruit trees if the season is right.

The second route is by heading passed north deck on the Fond Pois Doux Road, and turning of on the Paragrant Road, the drive down this road is not long but the view is exceptional.

At some points, you will feel like you are going to drive over the hill side, but the panoramic view of the coast line is phenomenal.

Cautions is need because this road is very steep and narrow, most places only one vehicle can pass.

Where the concrete road finishes, you will have to continue by foot, down the dirt road into the lust forrest.

Paragrant Bay

Both routes come out on opposite sides of the bay were you will first cross a small river no matter which side you take, these rivers of fresh water are good for watching out the salt after taking a sea bath.

Paragrant Bay

The beach is nice for relaxing, water tends to be little rough with current, but on a clear day it is a beauty nice place for camping, picnic, or just enjoying the sun.

You can also enjoy the swing located on the almond tree, or take pictures sitting on the rocks.

Testing yourself

Like all good things in life nothing comes easy, the way down is always fun, but on this journey, it will be the return that will have you questioning your life choices.

Six hundred and sixty meters, approximately four kilometers of hill above sea level. These hills are steep and will test every muscle in your body, along with your mental, for every corner that you turn is another hill and another life decision.

Paragrant bay is another enjoyable get away for those hikers who want to test their fitness.

Always remember keep the environment clean so others can enjoy it after you.


Google map showing trail and location.

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