Yarra River and Gorges

Yarra River and Gorges

Yarra River

Located on the north coast between the villages of La Filette and Blanchisseuse, this river runs along the Blanchisseuse Secondary School and can be cross using the bridge right after the school heading east to Blanchisseuse.

An easy to access and beautiful attraction located on the north coast, this river is known by most for it clear rejuvenating waters, spectacular pools , waterfalls and gorges.

One of the more famous spots is right by the bridge itself where friends and family gather under the bamboo to enjoy an evening cook out by the river.

Most days the river is clean and crystal clear, good for enjoying a splash on a sunny day.

Yarra River and Gorges

The gorges

The more beautiful part of the river is located about five kilometers up the river, you can access this beautiful spot by taking the road opposite to the bridge you and driving to the end of the road where you would meet the river.

From here you journey on foot begins, where you can go up the river or cross the river and use the trail through the cocoa estate.

At one point, you will have to come off trail and follow the river until you meet the gorges, but you can also take a second trail before meeting the gorges to go further up the river past the gorges.

Yarra River and Gorges

This would allow you to enjoy the drift down the river as the current takes you through multiple pools or gorges.

Life jackets are recommended because some of the gorges are deep and long.

These gorges or pools are great for swimming, jumping, diving, or just having a relaxing soak in the cold clear water.

But while enjoying the river be mindful of the rains, and if the flow of water is heavy. You don’t want to be caught off guard if the river comes down.

Google map showing trail and location.

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