Thank You: for the birthday wishes.

Turning 35


Every year on my birthday I am reminded that I’m surrounded but loving friends and family.

Some of you may not be around in person but we all connect by some means.

I was overwhelmed with message, which I may not have replied to because I was out and about.

Just want to thank everyone for the best wishes which were greatly appreciated.

Birthday Pumpments.

As for my birthday, past few years I’ve spent my day alone or on some adventure, which was my intended plan.

Asked to go scouting I opted for the awesome view from MT Tabor, which turn out to be a little different as we met a lot of rain.

I was very much surprised by the crew when they brought out breakfast and cake after the scout, truly a pleasure having great friends.

Although the rain did not easy up, I finished off the day with friends enjoying the Divali festivities.

Couldn’t ask for a better day with friends and family and a lil reds.

Totally enjoyed all the hugs and best wishes, thank you all for an awesome birthday.