Angel Falls and Basin, Zorro Village

Angel Falls

Zorro Village:

Located right before the road to Rincon Basin, Zorro Trace on a corner leads you to Zorro Village.

Hidden from the general public at Zorro Village you will a lot of gardens and fruit trees.

Concrete Bridge

Driving through the area you will cross numerous streams with concrete bridges, where the water flows over not under.

The landowners of Zorro Trace use water from the river to cultivate small cash crops.

Angel Falls:

At the end of the road you have to park on the side, and take the trail on right hand side under the mango tree, and follow the trail along the river.

Along the trail you would cross the river multiple times, until you end up walking up stream.

About ten minutes from the start you would divert off the river on the left hand side and proceed to ascend a hill.

This hill is a little challenging as most of it is steep with minimal flat to rest, the hill takes about thirty minutes, before you divert off to the right of the ridge descending into the secluded valley to the water falls.

Angel Falls

The scenery encircling the falls is marvelous and few can resist the temptation of climbing the slippery rocks to get closer to the falls.

The name Angel Falls derives from the visual impact of the water cascading from the crack of the mountain. It portrays a celestial, mystical appearance creating an angelic effect.

Angel Falls

Its pools are perfect for non-swimmers, great place to take a dip and enjoy the flowing water.

The Basin:

Instead of diverting off the river to the waterfall, you can follow the river for another ten minutes, through numerous pools to another scenic spot.

Here you will find a nice pool, great for non/swimmers alike, with a maximum depth of eight to ten feet.

Angel Falls Basin

The pool has a short waterfall, and the water is clear and clean, a great place for pictures.



If you do manage to visit this secluded spot, please take note and return with your garbage.


Google map showing trail and location.

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