Resistance training: The Mask

Training Mask


Lately I have been engaged in cycling, long distance running and hill training, due of my love for nature and hiking.

I use the Training Mask 2.0 on my cool down, to help improve my endurance and breathing.

Got a lot of questions, about its use and if it is safe, so I put together this little post.

Supposedly it suppose to help expand my lung capacity, and improve my oxygen efficiency.

Like any other tool if not used properly it can be harmful, and like most gym equipment, it is use for resistance training, in this case the heart and lungs.

The Mask:

The myth is that it simulates high altitude training, where the body may acclimate to the relative lack of oxygen in one or more ways such as increasing the mass of red blood cells and hemoglobin, or altering muscle metabolism.

This Mask adds friction to inhaled air through its patented flux valve system. Increasing your inhalation load while training, its like lifting weights for your breathing muscles.

It also increases the C02 intake, which is critical for oxygenation throughout the body.

Resulting in Increased Stamina Improved Endurance, Increased workout capacity and Recovery.

My Experience:

I have been using the mask on occasions after my run while I walk to cool down, will introduce it into my actual workouts as i do more research on it.

I have since noticed improvements in breathing, running and my overall heart rate, using the mask.

As Clark Bartram said in the video below, try it before you make a decision on it.

I have seen keyboard warriors giving it bad reviews, but i have seen numerous of athletes using it with great results.

Resistance training, maybe exactly what you need to take you to the next level for better workouts, and results.