2017 – Learnt, Loved, Lost

Angel Falls

2017 – A year to Remember

Like every other year that passes, we learn, love, lose but we never forget. We all make resolutions, most of which we never keep because we become distracted.

Although it was a hard year, with my mom falling sick and work keeping me busy, I set aside my dedicated time.

I made a number of lifestyle changes, so to a lot of people I’m missing in action, because I stopped the regular liming, and concentrated more on my well-being.

Some of these changes included, healthier eating, regular schedule exercise and plenty of fresh air.

This year I set out to expand my knowledge of my country and enjoy it’s natural resources.

Adventures Continued

For the small island we are blessed with numerous beautiful beaches, water courses, and a lot of history.

Hiking turned to be the calm to my storm, nothing gets me back on track like a day out by the river, or a scenic view from high above the city.

This year I made some lone missions, went to some new places and started, visiting historical sites. I have lots more to check of my list that I didn’t complete in 2017 will absolutely do them in 2018.

2017 also introduced me to a partner with the same passion as me, someone who I could take on my outings and training, someone I could do new things with and enjoy, also introducing a different side of me to the public.

Like every other year, we suffer from lose and pain, may it be from friends or family, but every year we grow and we become richer than the year before.

We make new friends, new additions to the family, life always seems to go on.

One thing we never lose is the memories, good or bad, especially if you can document them for later use.

For all the people that were part of me for 2017, thank you and we shall continue in 2018.

Let the adventure continue.