Three Sprouts – Morne La Croix

Three Sprouts

Morne La Croix village:

The hike to three sprouts starts at Morne La Croix village, which is situated twenty-three kilometers on the Arima to Blanchisseuse Road and twelve kilometers south of Blanchisseuse.

The village is known as “Mountain Of The Cross” by the indigenous people, because, high mountains, which are called “Mountain of the Cross”.

Surrounding the village stands majestic tall v-shaped mountains resembling the shape of a crucifix.

At the centre of the village, there is a large concrete plaque inscribed on the ground “Morne La Croix”.



The planting of cocoa has lead to a network of trails throughout the hills from Mamoral Road in Morne La Croix, making it a dreamland for nature lovers and explorers alike.

On both sides of the village, rivers flow through the valley.

The eastern side is the Marianne River, which exits the forest at the Spring Bridge in Blanchisseuse.

The western side, there is the Lemon River, which flows northwesterly and exits at Yarra Bay on the outskirts of La Fillette.

Three Sprouts:

Three Sprouts

There are two trails that can take you to Three Sprouts on the Lemond River.

The First and longer way, is to take the trail about two kilometers from the village that takes you down to the river, where you make a left and go upstream to mystery pool.

After passing mystery pool you continue up river until you meet the junction to three sprouts.

The shorter trail starts at the fifteen and a quater mile post on the Arima, Blanchisseuse Road just about 1 km north of the village.



Using the cut off road we descend downhill into one of the villager’s garden, the trail through the garden takes you to a large tributary (smaller river / stream).

Flowing the tributary will take you onto Lemond river, it should take you about forty-five minutes to reach the river.

Another twenty minutes down stream and across one of the hills and you should be at the rivers junction.

Three Sprouts

Left on the junction going upstream, takes you onto three sprouts and the smaller waterfall below it.

Right takes you to another pool and waterfall, great for taking a swim or getting those scenic pictures.

Three Sprouts

On sunny days the water is clean and emerald green or blue in color.

A great hike, with plenty water deep into the forest of the northern range.


As always remember to preserve nature and keep the environment clean.



Google map showing trail and location.

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