Matelot Waterfall – Road Trip

Matelot Waterfall

The village of Matelot is a nature lover paradise, with stunning beaches, rivers, waterfalls and Wildlife.

Located 26.7 km further west from Toco at the end of the Toco/Paria Main Road.

It is the last village on Trinidad’s North- Eastern Coast. Matelot is a French word when translated means “sailor, ” and before there were roads, it was a landmark for seamen.

Grand Riverere

It is the perfect destination to escape from the hustle of busy city life and enjoy the peaceful countryside, and fascinating coastal sceneries.

The village earns their income from fishing, agriculture, and eco-tourism.

Matelot River

The scenic drive along the winding coastal road can take three to four hours from Port of Spain to Matelot.

The numerous hiking trails situated along the coast leads to breathtaking waterfalls, rivers, and secluded beaches.

Matelot River

At the western end of the neighborhood, there is the river, which provides constant water supply and a favorite recreational spot for river limes.

Further upstream, a spectacular destination is the Matelot Falls with its clean and secluded basin.

Matelot Waterfall

As you reach matelot there is a road off the Paria main road on the left, you drive onto this road and park at the top of the hill.

The expedition to the falls will take about an hour and starts with a 2km walk along the ridge.

The trail descends steeply to the river for about fifteen minutes.

Matelot Waterfall

Another ten minutes upstream, either using the trail across the river, or through the rocky terrain.

Since the rains at the end of 2016 the river has changed a lot.

Matelot Waterfall

Purging all the silt, leaves and washing some rock down the river creating an awesome place to enjoy the clean flowing water.

A very easy hike and site worth visiting, the drive however is long and tiresome.


Google map showing trail and location.

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