Cyril Bay – A Secluded Gem

Cyril Bay

Cyril Bay

Is a  beautiful secluded beach located in the greater La Vache Bay on the north coast of Trinidad just before the Maracas Lookout.

Once a thriving estate but with the steep decline in the price of cocoa and the difficulty in obtaining free labour.

The property was abandoned because cocoa production ceased to be a profitable commodity.

However, walking through the forest one can still see the old cocoa trees.

Cyril Bay

The entrance down to the bay is a hidden track situated about 1 kilometer from the Maracas lookout.

Before the North Coast road was constructed, Cyril Bay was a preferred destination for sea-bathers since it was easier to access.

Cyril Bay

There is a comforting rocky peninsula on its eastern side great for getting some sun or just enjoying the view of the bay.

A certain times of the year the water is clear and due to the rocks in the water it is home to numerous fishes and underwater wildlife, perfect place if you are into snorkeling.

You may also see a number of different crabs running along the rocks, right where the water breaks on them.

It is one of the many inlets of the vast La Vache Bay, which comprise of Saint Cion, Mal Paragrant, Negmawah, Peechon Cove, Lovers, Balata, Maraquette, and Cyril bay.

Cyril Bay

There is also a spot for those who like cliff jumping, at the base of the peninsula, where you then have to swim across to the other side.

The Waterfall

Situated, on the western side, there is the remains of an old estate house which comprise of multiple buildings and a pool, along the rock shore.

Cyril Bay Waterfall

Hidden over the hill behind the estate house there is a small shower- like waterfall that cascades off the mountains and makes it way unto the shore.

The area is filled with different produce, to name a few, avocados, five-fingers, limes, caimit, plums, pomerac, pommecythere and more.

A clear sign of the remains of and old estate.

Cyril Bay

The exploration down to Cyril Bay from the North Coast Road takes 45 minutes on a winding benching through the lush forest to reach the beach.

The return journey is an uphill trek and will take an hour to get to the top, so I suggest if you are splashing safe some energy for the return trip.


Google map showing trail and location.

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