Peechon Cove – Brilliant hide away

Peechon Cove

Peechon Cove

Located about three miles from the pillars below Maracas North Coast Road, there is a beautiful, yet secluded inlet known as Peechon Cove.

It is one of the many beaches that make up the greater La Vache Bay which comprise of Mal D’estomac, Negmawah, Peechon, Cyril, Lovers, Balata and Marquee.

The trail head to Peechon Cove is located right after the blue wooden shop or what some persons refer to as the mechanic.

On the opposite side, there is a wide layby where you can park your vehicle, or you can park lower down at the clearing.

After the shop, there is a low white wall (which is actually the top of a retaining wall).

After that wall there are a few clumps of bamboo with the trail head located between them.

The trail starts off a bit steep, but it is generally clear and like other north coast hikes, it’s only way one to the destination.

The trek down to the beach should take forty-five minutes to an hour, going from bushy trail to a benching forest trail.

Peechon Cove

The Destination

Peechon Cove has a little bit of everything, and nature-seekers will find this place adorable.

The beach located in a cozy little area is sheltered and safe for bathing.

There is a headland overlooking the bay where you can enjoy a twenty-foot jump into the sea.

After which you will have to swim around the rock to get back into the inlet.

The little peninsulas around the coast are perfect for fishing and relaxing.

The view of the coast line is magical, as you can see multiple waterfall, and cave alone the rocky hills.

On the eastern shore, a unique feature is a thirty-foot waterfall that drops into the sea.

At the top of the falls, there are basins with jacuzzi like pools, ideal for taking a fresh water rinse.


Google map showing trail and location.

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