My first kayak experience


A couple years now I been wanting to go kayaking and keep putting it off.

Like most common reason being no company, or just no time to go try it.

Fortunately, the hiking group that I am with (Caribbean Hiking Adventures) decided to have a day of adventure and activities.

The day start with a warm up session from Formula Fitness at the Kayak Center at Williams Bay in Chaguaramas.

A ten-minute session to get the muscles warm and stretched to take on kayaking across the bay.

Kayak Center

At the center you can rent single or double kayaks, or even the standing paddle boards and they provide life jackets for the non-swimmers.


As a first-time you are given instruction on using the paddles and basic instruction on kayaking.

Seemed simple enough, I was able to kayak across the bay passed the sunken treasure queen and museum to and old shipwreck on the other side of the bay.

Thirty-five minutes one way as it took me a bit to get accustom, and twenty-five minutes back to base.

Give you a whole new perspective of the view of the bay, looking in from the outside, the view of the city of Port of Spain is an added bonus.


Definitely something I can added to my weekly agenda.

Mountain Biking

The second event took us across to Samaan Park.

Here we then setup base to spend the rest of the day.

Here we went mountain biking through the trails.

Taking the road to the petting zoo, we then took the trail back to Samaan park on the southern side of the river.

I also extend the ride by heading back east on the northern side of the river coming out on an old road near to the Abertium a nature park.

Then we took a cool ride around the golf course.

Coveen River

Next, we went up Coveen River, using the road next to Samaan park where the CDA Head Quarters is.

Passed the Abertium taking a left on the next junction to meet the river.

The water was clean due to the filtration through the lime stone rocks and there is a little waterfall.

I could do with some more days like this, filled with fun and friends.

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