Moruga – Compact and full of potential



A little fishing village that exists right off the shoreline of south Trinidad.

Everything resides in one spot, the police station, library and health centre the town itself is a five-minute stroll.


It’s known for its beautiful views, fishing and country-like atmosphere.

At the center of the Town overlooking the shore is a statue of St Peter.

You may also find some old historic buildings like the church, and some old wooden houses.

It’s a long and fantastic drive and as you make your way deeper into Moruga you’ll probably see things you won’t see anywhere else in Trinidad.

It may take up to two hours from the city of Port of Spain to reach the town, but it is work the scenic drive.

The beaches are not those as of the north coast, the water is not blue in color but it is clean.

La Rufin

La Ruffin

One of the more popular beaches in Moruga, people come from far to enjoy this awesome scenery and shoreline.

The area has no facilities or vendors, but it’s a nice remote location for a lime with friends and family.

This beach has a great view and when the tide is low you can walk the shore line for miles.


The journey to the beach takes you passed a now condemned Iconic Baily Bridge, one of Moruga’s biggest land mark.

The Bridge crosses a massive river, which is home to numerous fishing boats in the community.

Gran Chemin

Gran Chemin

Another popular beach, however this one has wash room facilities, parking, concrete benches, tables and also a stage area for events.

This makes it a great location for hosting events, with a great view of the rocky shore-line.

Gran Chemin

This beach is also one of those where a river and ocean meet, creating an island a few meters of the shore.

Not far from the beach is where you will find the Christopher Memorial, close to the cemetery.

It is said that Christopher Columbus first landing on the shores of Moruga in 1498.

So you would find the memorial dedicated to him in the form of a statue.

Christopher Columbus

A perfect place for a road trip with the friends, and a cooler in the trunk.

A great place to meet friendly and warm-hearted south people.

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