Aripo Datta Ganga – Spiritual ambiance

Aripo Datta Ganga

Datta Ganga:

Aripo Datta Ganga was founded by His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji.

Aripo Datta Ganga

His Holiness visited Trinidad for the first time on the 12th August 1976. One of the first things He did the very next morning was to proceed east of Arima.

On reaching the Aripo Road, His Holiness Sri Swamiji continued along that route. There He found the Holy Sararipu River, which is today more popularly known as Aripo Datta Ganga.

Aripo Datta Ganga

In 1990 His Holiness Sri Swamiji consecrated the Lord Shiva Temple which is located on the grounds of this Holy Site.

Aripo Datta Ganga is a pilgrimage site, it is a Holy site, it is peaceful and serene place, it is a place of worship and it is a place with an abundance of positive energy. Read More Here

Temple on the River

The Datta Ganga is found along the Aripo River, which is located in Northeast Trinidad.

Driving along the Aripo road just before the village you will come along a concrete bench painted in orange.

Parking along the roadside, you walk down a very long staircase which takes you to a compound sitting along the river.

Aripo Datta Ganga

The temple and other building, mesh with the surrounding greenery making a beautiful sight.

Making a perfect mixture of nature and spiritual ambiance.

The river flows through the lush vegetation of the Aripo Valley in the Northern Range.

Aripo Datta Ganga

This river is made up of limestone and rocks, which filter the water, making it clear and clean.

The perfect backdrop for this scenic spot behind the temple.

From what I have seen online the area is also used as a yoga center.

Where persons will go to meditate and become closer to their spiritual side.

Aripo Datta Ganga

The area is very peaceful and calm, with lush greenery, flowers and plenty fresh air.

Be aware of leaving your vehicle parked at the top of the hill, the area is known for vandalism.

But nevertheless, it is a site worth visiting.

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