Quinam Beach – Remote and disconnected


Quinam Location

This beach is located along the southern coastline which can be accessed through the Penal-Quinam road.

It will take more than a half an hour to traverse the bumpy fourteen kilometer stretch which is littered with potholes.

In some places, the road is shoddily patched. In other areas, heaps of stones were packed inside the gaping potholes.


The road is a very scenic drive as you navigate through the tall teak trees that line each side of the road.

The forests of teak and the beach is a protected reserve and hunting is banned.

Just before reaching the beach there is a resort, when you can rent shed for you a day outside.

Quinam Beach

The resort is equipped with facilities and the sheds are equip with area for making cooks.


Over the years, coastal erosion has eroded the seawall and cliffs at the beach and the facility had to be closed off to the public for safety concerns.

Faced with rapid coastal erosion, the popular Quinam Beach in Penal has received a twelve million dollars facelift.

The facility which was recently officially reopened, it had been closed while the Coastal Protection Unit conducted land protection works.


Rocks from Tobago were stacked along a part of the eroded seafront and steps leading to the beach were constructed.

A cliff overlooking the seafront was graded and special grass was planted to hold up the land.

A new facility with washrooms and parking, also with a lifeguard boot overlooking the beach, were constructed.

There are also sheds setup on the graded hill side and along the road leading to the parking lot before the beach.


Great for family or group limes, if you planning to make a make a cook, or just looking to have your own space.

The water just like most south beaches is discolored, but still enjoyable.

One down side is that there is no cell service, so be prepared to enjoy you day outdoors.

A long drive but worth every minute of it, to a brilliant destination.

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