James Trace, Palo Seco, Mud Volcanoes

Mud Volcanos at James Trace, Palo Seco

Anglais Point Mud Volcano

We set out on Saturday to find / visit the Anglais Point Mud Volcano at Palo Seco that was shown on news a few weeks before.

This massive volcano can be seen of Google Maps situated on Trinidad’s south coastline.

It was dormant but recently started a constant strong flow of mud.

The journey took us to a beach passed the beach camp in Palo Seco.

Here we were directed to James Trace a little distance away from the coast.

James Trace

We were told to drive straight down James Trace, driving into the forest until we couldn’t any further.

Mud Volcanos at James Trace, Palo Seco

Here we found a trail, and clearly you could see the muddy footprints of the kids earlier in the day.

Unfortunately the direction we were heading wasn’t to the bigger grand volcano we wanted to go to.

However to our surprise we encountered a number of smaller ones.

Less than ten minutes into the walk we came upon the first of about seven volcanoes, this being the largest of the lot.

This seven doesn’t including the little holes bubbling with mud on the sides.

The first one seem to be very low, doesn’t feasible to jump because of the height to come back out, and the collapsing banks.

Mud Volcanos at James Trace, Palo Seco

Venturing on we stumbled upon another that was filled and flushed with the ground.

If not for the bubbling or the mud we wouldn’t have notices it, and maybe walk straight in.

Going further down the trail, having to duck under some trees we spotted a few small mountains of mud.

These where actually shaped like volcanoes and could be seen and heard bubbling.

Mud Volcanos at James Trace, Palo Seco

Then we came up to the last where the trail seems to have ended.

This one see to be the favorite as you can see footsteps all around indicating that ppl, seem to be enjoying that one.

Mud Volcanos at James Trace, Palo Seco

Unfortunately we didn’t find our intended destination, but the journey wasn’t a waste.

We also got instructions to our actually destination, which you can get to from the beach at low tide or from a trail through the forest.

Live streaming while exploring the area.

Google map showing trail and location.

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