Fort king George � Fort Castries

Fort King George

Fort King George

�Built in the early 1770s it was erected as a suitable defense for the newly appointed capital of Scarborough.

During a short-lived French occupation (1781-1793).

It was called �Fort Castries� after the Marquis of Castries, who was at that time the French Minister of War.

It is said that on April 14th, 1793, a British force, under the command of Major � General Cornelius Cuyler retook Tobago and he was the first person to refer to the for formally as Fort King George � named after the British King George the III.


Its ideal location on top Scarborough hill provided this fort with an advantageous view across Scarborough, over Bacolet, part of the Windward Coast, and south over the Lowlands.

The Battalions stationed there could easily detect intruders who tried to launch any attacks from the sea and prepare themselves to protect the capital and island.

During 1797 a great effort was put behind strengthening fortifications in fear of another attack from the French.

Extensive repairs were initiated at Fort King George, leading to the gradual extension of facilities over the next several years.

Today, on the grounds there are many interesting structures from the past to explore: the officers� mess, powder magazine, barracks, bell tank, condemned men�s cell and lighthouse.

Even the presence of a hospital upon entry to the fort echoes back to a time when it was the site of the military hospital for troops stationed there.


In the month of January 1854, the garrison at Fort King George was withdrawn, the British Government has decided to concentrate the forces that were in the windward Islands at Barbados.

However, this favorite military station was utilized by other armed forces to safeguard and keep order over the main town.

Fort King George now houses the Tobago Museum that occupies what once was barrack guardhouse.� � Taken from the sign at the fort


Fort King George
Fort King George

Must-See Destination


This fort is one of the many on the island is one of the more popular tourist attractions.

This historical destination overlooking Scarborough is the best-preserved colonial fort in Tobago.

Fort King George stands as a resilient monument of Tobago�s military past.

The Canons overlooking the coast are a testament to an era when many battles were waged over Tobago.

Fort King George
Fort King George

The Museum at the fort exhibits Amerindian artifacts, military relics, shells and documents from the colonial period.

If you are into history, it is worth visiting with friends and family and taking in the view of Scarborough.

It�s a must-visit destination.



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