Tombasson Waterfall – Guanapo Waterfall

Tombasson Waterfall

Found deep in the Guanapo forest, there are many wonders to be found one being the Tombasson Waterfall.

Guanapo is known for its gorges, rivers and the quarry, especially the river,� it is a popular destination with the locals nearby.

The recently built bridge along the quarry road� has a nice pool below, which people go to enjoy.

Sundays are apprently the days for river limes and cooking or just hanging out.

Hiking to the gorges or waterfall can start from either exploring upstream using the tributary or taking the land trail between the river and quarry.

Tombasson Waterfall
Tombasson Waterfall

Both ways will eventually meet up at a junction and from there the trail splits left for the gorges and right for Tombasson.

The land trail may just be an easier / faster and preferred option to get to the destination and may take you thirty minutes or less to reach the junction.

Tombasson Waterfall
Tombasson Waterfall


Along the journey, you will pass a number of smaller waterfalls and pools, some are worth checking out.

The river is absolutely amazing with its crystal-clear water being filtered by massive rocks.

On making the right at the junction and going up-stream you will have to climb over huge rocks and swim through some narrow passageways and gorges.

Take caution the rocks are slippery and proper footwear is necessary.

Tombasson Waterfall
Tombasson Waterfall

The trek up the tributary will take possibly thirty to forty-five minutes before reaching the waterfall.

The distance is short however maneuvering the terrain is the challenging part.

In dry season water level will be low and you may be able to walk the whole way without swimming.

Visiting the waterfall is a great experience, however, in the rainy season, the area is prone to flash flooding, caution is advised.

Tombasson Waterfall
Tombasson Waterfall


The waterfall is approximately forty feet high with a steady flow cascades into a shallow plunge pool at its base.

The pool is about waist height, and not the usual you would expect to find under a tall waterfall like this one.

The area below the waterfall is wide and nice for chilling with your peers.

It is perfect for enjoying the scenery and sound of the massive waterfall.

In all a terrific hike, excitement for those water babies.

Google map showing trail and location.