Damien’s Bay a.k.a D2

Damien's Bay

Trinidad has a lot of hidden beaches all around its coast one of which is Damien’s Bay.

Most people don’t venture to these hidden gems as they may not be easy to get to a very secluded and lonely.

Thus making these some of the more scenic and beautiful beaches to visit.

Damien’s bay is also known as D2, as there is another just after Tyrico bay by Nanan’s Waterfront Beach Resort.

Damien's Bay
Damien’s Bay

Damien’s Bay

This bay approximately five minutes before the Blanchisseuse police station, on Damien’s Bay Access Road on the left.

This road can be easily missed as it looks like a lonely dirt road on the corner.

Driving onto the road is easier done heading west from and the entrance to the road has a drop that makes turning in on the sharp corner difficult.

Damien's Bay
Damien’s Bay

As you drive onto this road you will be amazed to see the hidden gem, only a minute drive from the main road.

There is a nice shaded area where you can park under the trees, just be mindful of the mangrove while parking.

The beach is probably little more than a mile long, it also has a river flowing out onto it, perfect for the kids, or to wash off after.

Surfers flock to this beach as it has hug swells, and perfect for getting your board wet.

Damien's Bay
Damien’s Bay

The Walkway

The water was a little rough and current strong, but I believed I visited in high tide.

The attraction to this beach seems to be a concrete walkway leading to one of the beach houses.

It is on the right side of the beach, a 5mins walk from where you park.

If the tide is high it may be a challenge to access it, but it is a nice sight to see.

Walking over the wave crashing on the rocks, and seeing the crabs running on the wall.

Take caution it is not a boardwalk, it is someone’s walkway to access the beach, so you may be trespassing.

Damien's Bay
Damien’s Bay

The beach is a nice hideaway to enjoy a little lime with friends and family.

Perfect location if you are trying to get away from the crowded more popular beaches.

One thing I noticed is a lot of rubbish on the mangrove side, please don’t be like others and keep the place clean

Google map showing trail and location.

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