Matura Majestic – Shaded and Rocky

Matura Majestic

Matura river is one of my favorite river in Trinidad, it is home to numerous hiking destination.

Which include Mermaid pools, Mystic pool, Manulot fall, Samsung pool and also Matura Majestic.

This river is known for its prestige clean water, which flows down from deep in the forest of the northern range.

The river consists of a lot of rocks and limestones which filter the water, to make it a perfect destination for a river trek.

The location known as Matura Majestic is located about two hours up the river and is normally passed on the way to Manulot.

It is about forty-five minutes before the Manulot waterfall.

Hiking Trails

It can be reached by two different trails and locations.

The first and more popular trail is the river trail taking from Thomas Trace.

This trail is approximately an hour and a half on land and then about forty-five minutes upriver to the majestic.

The second way which seems to be much easier and shorter is found on an unknown road after passing the Matura river after the Police station.

Not the first road on the left but the second the one on the stretch.

As you enter the road the scenery so really beautiful with bamboo arches covering the road.

You will have to drive in for about ten minutes, crossed a bridge until you can’t go any further.

Four by four vehicles will be able to drive another fifteen minutes on the road before it turns into a trail.

Matura Majestic
Matura Majestic


The trail is not so difficult however it is long and easy to run off course as there are multiple junctions on the trail.

It will take you possibly an hour twenty minutes from where the trail starts, another thirty if you park further out.

This trail is reasonably flat, with minor inclines in some places, until you reach the river decent.

Matura Majestic

The river is a hikers delight, cold, clear and beautiful.

There is a nice deep pool for the swimmer and jumpers, about twelve feet plus in some areas, and shallow rocky areas for the mermaids to relax.

Shaded by the canopy with some rays of sunlight peeking through it is a very photogenic area.

Matura Majestic
Matura Majestic

It is a great spot to cool down and destress after a busy week.

Don’t attempt this hike without a proper guide as you may get lost easily.

Google map showing trail and location.