Senna Bay – Untouched Beauty

Senna Bay

Senna bay is another untouched hidden gem found on the north coast of Trinidad.

Trinidad has many such beaches but not all are easily accessible.

Some require a little off-road driving and others require hiking or a boat.

Senna Bay
Senna Bay


This particular beach is found on the Paria main road just off Blanchisseuse.

Blanchisseuse is home to a number of beaches and the Marianne River.

Place includes Marianne Beach where the river meets the ocean, Spring Bridge, Three Pools, Avocar, and the Beach Facility.

The trek to the bay takes you across the spring bridge onto the paria main road.

It starts off with a dirt road, and in the rainy season, this road could be muddy and not suitable for normal vehicles.

If you have an off-road vehicle you can cut down on the walking by driving in and parking by the pitch road.

If you are more adventurous you can possibly make it to the roundhouse and park.

Senna Bay
Senna Bay


The trek from the bridge is approximately five miles give or take.

It should take you an average of an hour and a half before you have to turn off the main road onto the trail to the bay.

After you pass the roundhouse, you will have to cross multiple hills and two streams.

The Trail to the bay lies just before turtle rock, on the shaded path by one of the bigger trees.

The path down is covered but not bushy, and it is a steep decline to the bay.

If rain falls it may be a bit difficult to go down as the soil is soft and muddy.

Senna Bay
Senna Bay

Senna Bay

On the way down you will be great with the sound and sight of waves crashing on the rocks.

The view of the turquoise water and white sand is much pleasing to the eyes.

There is a number of rock formations present in the bay which makes it even more enjoyable.

When I visited the tide was high so the water was a bit rough, but I am guessing in low tide it would be ideal.

Although the tide was a bit rough the water was still clean and there were shallow spots to bathe.

The beach is shaded with coconut and other trees, making it a great place to spend the day.

Senna Bay
Senna Bay

Scenery perfect for a photo or video shoot, with beautiful backgrounds all around.

It is a great place for beach lovers and hikers to enjoy.

I just hope we can keep it as clean and untouched as it is at the moment.

Google map showing trail and location.