Grand Tacarib – Distant and Pure

Grand Tacarib

Grand Tacarib is said to be the longest beach or bay on the northern coastline, along the Paria main road.

It is located roughly eight miles from form the spring bridge at Blanchisseuse and is only accessible by boat or foot.

It will take you roughly three hours to hike to Grand Tacarib across the hills and valleys of the north coast.

Grand Tacarib
Grand Tacarib

Hiking the trail.

The hike starts at the spring bridge at Blanchisseuse, on the old dirt road, it can also be done from Matelot.

However, the drive to and from Matelot is a long tiring one.

Eight miles from either the spring bridge or from matelot roughly.

From the spring bridge in Blanchisseuse, you will pass Paria bay, a number of smaller beaches, then on to Petite Tacarib, then onto Grand Tacarib.

The journey is challenging, might be a seven out of ten on the scale, across a number of hills and valleys.

Grand Tacarib
Grand Tacarib

Grand Tacarib

The stunning beach is located in the middle between Blanchisseuse and Matelot and is one of the most secluded beaches of Trinidad.

It is separated by a huge rock, giving you the impression that it is two bays instead of one.

The sand and width of the beach make it an attraction for turtles looking to lay.

This also makes it a brilliant location for camping and turtle watching.

It is worth the effort, you will enjoy the serenity of the white sand and blue waters.

A perfect secluded location for you to get away from the daily troubles and stresses.

Grand Tacarib
Grand Tacarib

If you decide to do this hike, make sure to hail out Cocorite on Paria bay and Lester at Petite Tacaribe.

Don’t be afraid to drop off some donations for them either, they are really friendly and always assist hikers.

Please do remember to keep the place as you left it so others can enjoy the ambiance as well.

Google map showing trail and location.