Madamas Bay – Double the pleasure

Madamas Bay

One of the most magnificent beaches on the north coast of Trinidad is that of Madamas Bay.

It is one of the many along the Paria main road from Blanchisseuse to Matelot.

Some of which are Petite and Grand Tacarib, and many other small bays along the trail.

What is known as the Paria main road is now a hiking trail, it was originally used backing in the day to get from village to village.

The places between Blanchisseuse to Matelot are only accessible by boat or hiking.

Madamas Bay
Madamas Bay

Hiking the trail

The hike to Madamas starts at the spring bridge at Blanchisseuse or from the beach at matelot.

It is four hours from the spring bridge and approximately three hours from Matelot.

Ten miles from the spring bridge and seven miles from Matelot roughly.

Fortunately, the drive to Blanchisseuse is way shorter although the hike is longer, you get to pass along all of the beaches.

If you choose to do it from matelot you only pass through Petite Riviere and some smaller streams before reaching the bay.

From the spring bridge in Blanchisseuse you will pass Paria bay, a number of smaller beaches, then on to Petite Tacarib, Grand Tacarib then onto Madamas.

The journey is challenging, maybe an eight out of ten on the scale, as you have to cross a number of hills and valleys with a combined elevation of approximately three thousand feet.

Madamas Bay
Madamas Bay

Madamas Bay

One of the most amazing beaches on the north coast, with a mixture of rocks and white sand.

The scenery is very photogenic, especially early morning when the sun is rising over the crest of the hill.

What makes it even more special is the Madamas river flowing through the beach into the sea.

Its water is clean and cold, and it has nice shallow areas where you can enjoy a fun splash.

The area has high banks separating the river and the beach, perfect for camping on a long weekend.

It is one of the better more remote locations on the north coast, clean and serene as it is not easily accessible.

Madamas Bay
Madamas Bay

If you decide to do this hike, make sure to hail out Cocorite on Paria bay and Lester at Petite Tacaribe.

Don’t be afraid to drop off some donations for them either, they are really friendly and always assist hikers.

Please do remember to keep the place as you left it so others can enjoy the ambiance as well.

Google map showing trail and location.