Castara – Fishing Paradise


One of the busiest Tobago resorts can be found on the northern coastline at Castara.

A picturesque fishing village, with terrific beaches and a laidback vibe.

This has made Castara an increasingly popular location for visitors to the island.

Although it is not as touristy as Crown Point with store bay and pigeon point, it is still worth the drive.

With the number of new guesthouses being growing exponentially recently Castara a remote location has seemed to preserve its general attraction, With an appealingly harmonious balance between visitors and locals.

Fishing remains the main earner, and the beach is one of the best places to participate in the pulling of a net.

Home to one of Tobago’s biggest even the annual Fishermen’s Fete.

The village will abandon its peace and quiet every august for a beach packed with revelers.



The Bay is about twenty kilometers from Scarborough, which equates to around thirty-five drive.

One would quickly take the coastal Arnos Vale Road from Plymouth, but it is not the fastest way to the northern coastline due to the twist and turns.

The less scenic but faster route is to take the Northside Road up from Scarborough through Moriah.

And of course, you must stop at the Mount Dillon lookout, the view at the top is exceptional.


Castara Beach

This 308 meter of packed with activities including swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, snorkeling and fishing.

Currently, they are doing some construction of what looks like facilities, but the beach itself is untouched.

Once the sea is calm the water is perfect for a nice soak, especially if you walk all the way down to the left away from the fishing spots.

Always remember to keep the trails just as you see them when leaving so others can enjoy the true beauty of it.