Lalaja Waterfall – Hidden in the heights

Lalaja Waterfall

Lalaja waterfall is by far one of the more beautiful destinations I have be too so far and the journey begins in the deserted Lalaja area.

Exploring Lalaja

Located in the Heights of Guanapo but accessed from the Lalaja south road off the Arima-Blanchisseuse old road is the area known as Lalaja and it is filled with a lot of hidden treasures and remote houses.

The area is a former agricultural settlement, there are still a couple of farms, gardens and housing in the area, but it is mostly deserted.

The road currently is not the best, it is muddy in some place, but cars could still reach to a point.

From the Lalaja South Road you can take the Lalaja Branch Trace to Guanapo or the Lalaja Paria Trail to Brasso Seco.

Of course, driving to these other locations may not be possible.

This road being quiet and barely seeing any kind of traffic is perfect for mountain biking or a nature walk with come incredible views.

Lalaja Waterfall
Lalaja Waterfall

The Journey

The drive inside the Lalaja Road if you have a 4×4 will probably take you thirty minutes on the winding dirt road until you reach the Paria Trail junction.

Some cars can make it, but the road is currently muddy, so it may be best to park before the bridge.

If can drive that far you will see the river at the junction with a little waterfall and parking opposite.

The trail to the Lalaja waterfalls continues along the road passed the Paria Trail, passed the old wooden house with the rusted van in front.

This road will then turn into a winding trail along a benching, crossing different water courses and walking along the edge of some cliffs for most of the hike.

Trail is bushy and covered with leave so pay particular attention to where you are stepping as the area is known for snakes and heavily forested.

Probably about halfway in you will meet a junction where you must make a left turn, fortunately there are orange markers still visible.

Lalaja Waterfall
Lalaja Waterfall

Wrong turn

This was my second time visiting the waterfall, the first time I used my gps watch to find it, this time I was following the markers and I missed a turn.

Just before you reach the river there is a fork in the path, you must take the left and climb up to the stone.

Lalaja Waterfall
Lalaja Waterfall

But if you do go right, it is pretty much worth it, as you end up on the bottom of the Lalaja waterfall.

Where there is another fall approximately 30 feet in height with a nice deep pool at its base.

Lalaja Waterfall
Lalaja Waterfall

Lalaja Waterfall

If you manage to take the take the right path, in a few minutes you will be welcomed by one of the most amazing views just before hitting the river.

The journey from the junction will take you approximately and hour and half at moderate walking speed.

There is a little flat spot where you get an amazing view of the probably fifty feet drop and cascading falls known as Lalaja.

Lalaja Waterfall
Lalaja Waterfall

Below the falls is a perfect pool for chilling, although the water is like ice cold it is amazing especially when the sun is over head.

This pool is mostly four to five feet in depth, with only little deep spot possible seven feet.

But you can walk across most of the pool and push across onto the rocks under the fall.

When the lighting is right it would be the perfect place for those pictures, with crystal clear water and rainbows coming of the waterfall.

Just make sure to look out for the tadpoles and crabs.

Google map showing trail and location.