Matura River on Good Friday

Matura River

Matura River

It definitely turn out to be a Good Friday (14th February 2017). A day filled with sunny weather and great company.

Matura River

Joining on with Caribbean Hiking Adventures, we took on the majestic river of Matura.

We begun our trek from our cars park along the pine trees and progress up the hills.  Our journey took us passed the more famous trail to mermaid pool.

Further into the forrest we deviated off the general trail into what looked like a hunting trail, could also be and old road from the estate days. This brought us out on the river further up from mermaid pool.

Once everyone was in life jackets and across the river we started upstream, enjoying the crystal clear water and amazing pools.

Stopping at various pools on the way we finally reached the big pool at the start of the river (Mystic Pool i believe is the name).

Going up river against the current takes time and energy but you get to see the river (pools) in all its beauty.

After enjoying the water we then turning around and head down river through the gorges until we were at mermaid pool. From here it was a twenty minutes climb back to our vehicle and a wrap to a wonderful hike.

Fun day indeed defiantly one of my favourite spots in Trinidad.

Hike begins in Thomas trace down to the river

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