When i want to be a beach bum.

Hundred Steps

Beach Bum

The past few years I’ve become a beach bum, not the normal everyday Trini hot spots beaches (Maracas, Las Cuevas, Tyrico, Pigeon Point etc), but the ones that are hard to get to and secluded in some way or another.

The more beautiful and peaceful beaches are the hardest to get to, but the challenge is always worth the destination.

Personally, other than the food and the eye candy, I’m not a fan of maracas beach, plenty traffic, no parking and the water most of the times rough.

This post is for the persons who keep asking me where these places are, see the map below you can see where these beaches are and see photos of videos of them.


These are places I had the opportunity to visit myself, I have a few more place I want add to the list soon.

The sight and ambience of some of the places would have you speechless.

My Top Picks

My top five places so far, not in any specific order are as follows:

Forrest Point

Forrest PointLocated directly south of Galera Point in Toco, accessible from a dirt road after Salybia Beach Toco after the second bridge if you are on the way to the light house.

Those who like fishing and locals frequent this amazing hide away, as it is a great place for throwing line and snorkeling or just hang out with friends.

Depends on what you are driving you can drive straight up to the beach front or onto the beach itself according to the path you choose.

Walking onto the point overlooking the sea, gives you a view of the bays and their rock formations on either side of the it an amazing sight worth seeing.

The water most times of the year is very clean and turquoise in color, gives you the feeling that your swimming in a pool.

But be aware of the drop and rocks that boarder the shoreline while entering the ocean.

Easy walk to location.


Cyril Bay

Cyril BayThe remnants of an old house with pool build on the shoreline surrounded by fruit trees indicates signs of inhabitants of the cocoa village how many years ago.

The trek to this shelter bay starts just before the lookout on your way to maracas, an easy walk downhill for about thirty mins, would bring you to this magnificent place. The journey back up is not as easy, so make sure you don’t get tired in the water.

On reaching the bay you can walk out onto the rocks to get a brilliant view of the bay, and see the beauty of the water and corals that lie beneath.

This spot is perfect for snorkeling, with a variety of corals and fishes that occupy the bay on display.

Sheltered by the rocks there is  place for non-swimmers to enjoy the water without fear. While swimmers can take the exciting leap off the cliff into the blue, and make their way across to the rocks.

Easy walk down, workout to get back out.


Hundred Steps

Hundred StepsAlthough there are no longer a hundred actual steps down to the beach the trip down is worth the effort to the base of the cliff which is accessible from Mitchell Trace La Fillette.

One of Trinidad’s secluded gems, a serene destination with calm waters and sunny shore great for sun bathing and taking photos.

When tide is low you can walk through the cave to the end of the beach on the other side, where you can see some rock formations.

For the swimmers, you can venture out and sit on the rocks located out from the shore line.

Like most places with clear calm water it’s a great spot for snorkeling and diving.

Easy accessible location.


10 degrees north

10 Degrees NorthQuiet and shaded from the sun, another not so hidden gem.

Located at the bottom of the staircase opposite the police station at Blanchisseuse, this beach is perfect and quiet for you and your friends to enjoy a perfect lime.

Not sure the actual name of the beach but its given its name because it’s opposite a popular guest house (10 degrees north).

Down the stairs onto the beach another scenic view for the camera lovers.

The rocks that lie at the shore line make a great hang out spot (photo shoot) or place to just admire the water around.

Easy to reach location.


Macqueripe Bay

Macqueripe Bay Chagaramas
Just as popular as maracas beach, this bay is always populated, known for its view and zip-line.

Located at Chagaramas, it is easy to reach with carpark, place for liming and life guards.

This is an attraction for plenty fitness junkies, good area for running cycling and swimming at early morning.

On a clear day, the water is very clean and for the interested snorkelers and divers, it’s a nice spot for admiring various fishes and corals, you may even see some turtles.

Best at morning.


Click on a point to see videos of a beach.

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