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Fitbit SurgeIn 2015 after taking on running as a sport / hobby, I had been introduced to the world of Fitbit a smart watch that helped change my lifestyle totally.

In 2014 I used a Soleus GPS Tracker to time my runs and Strava an online service to analysis the data, a reasonably cheaper option, but you do get what you pay for.

A colleague introduced me the Fitbit Surge, a simple neat design wearable for any occasion. Some of the features include, GPS Tracking, touch screen display, music control, wireless syncing, heart rate monitor, multi-sport modes, sleep tracking with silent alarms and more.

The application for smart phones and the web interface makes the experience even more fun, with communities and challenges to keep you going.

Fitbit seems to be a growing trend worldwide, as more people join in on the smart watch frenzy.

I like the fact that I can track my daily activities without having to set the mode on the watch. Can even use the app to monitor your food intake verses your calorie burn.

Fitbit Surge

Strava Connect

Connecting Fitbit to Strava allows me to use the data the watch records to monitor daily work out, for me I look at me speed and heart rates when running to see the trends and improvements.

It also records the maps using GPS of all the activities I track, I can look back at the to see terrain and map locations for future activities.


Strava is also a community for fitness, it also contains more challenges to take part, I normally take part in the monthly 10k run and the run climbing challenges.

Doesn’t matter what smart watch you use you can connect your data to Strava and analysis your results, follow other people, set up training calendars and use the segment explorer to really go deep into you training.

It also helps you keep manage your equipment (shoes, bicycles), monitoring usage and mileage.


These two combined makes the ultimate all-round monitoring system, with plenty detail and tips to help you advance in your daily activities, and health.

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