Return to Saut D’eau : Death by hill

Saut D'eau

Return to Saut D’eau.

It’s been more than two years since I have done this hill, one of my favorite trails to train on.

One day after a hard week I decided to be a lone ranger and go hit up the beach known as Saut D’eau.

A friend asked to join in on this mission, I told her it’s not a walk in the park, but she still agreed to tag along.

Woke up very early packed my bag with some fruits and snacks, made sure my Camel Bak had at least one Liter of water, and left home before the sunrise.

This friend of mine new to the scene, wants to see new places and experience new adventures, strong minded and mouth full of profanities.

You know when you tell someone this going to be hard you will die, and their response is “Don’t underestimate me, I able”, yea uh huh.

This mission took us on a road trip up on the hills to North Deck, this is the concrete road on your left on the way to maraca beach.

Passing North Deck driving across the ridge and up some seriously steep hill to the radio tower at the top of the hill.

This tower and Saut D’eau island can be seen from different points on the north coast road.

The Way down

Parked at the tower we geared up, locked up and started to proceed on the 8500ft, 2.8Km decent to the beach.

Going down is always easy, fifty minute to an hour, the trail is still marked and easy to follow, with plenty of shortcuts that go straight down instead of the long terraces.

We spent thirty minutes under the canopy of the Forrest, and about twenty minutes out in the blistering sun before reaching the bay.

At the bay the water is nice and blue in color and calm, there is a little river / waterfall that leads to the sea, and a statue of St Peter. A brilliantly secluded beach another gem of Trinidad.

Death by hill

Twenty minutes after arriving, one apple, one banana some selfies with St Peter and not touching the water we started our climb to the top.

Ten minutes on the hill the profanity and crying out for the lord savior started.

The way back up is very tough, took us approximately one hour thirty minutes back up, the first stretch in the scorching sun takes a lot out of you, and by time you hit the Forrest it is very humid.

Shortcuts turn into staircases to heaven and it seems like the hill is never ending, at some point you question life decisions.

8500ft 2.8km later I have never seen someone so happy to reach the top of a hill, out of breath sweating like she now took a shower, nothing could be more comforting like having a seat in the shade under the tree at the very top.

Profanities continued for a bit, and something about me being a beast and trying to kill her, but at least we could enjoy the great view of Saut D’eau island from the top, knowing we just conquered the hill (my friend for the first time).

Google map showing trail and location.

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