Hollis Dam and Waterfall

Hollis Dam and Waterfall

Hollis Dam: The Journey.

This maybe the hardest hike I have ever had the pleasure of doing, and I must say it was worth every bead of sweat.

Rated nine out of ten 5.9Km of hills, it was a challenge especially the return leg, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Met up with the crew early in the morning about 5am, and we drove up to the Heights of Aripo, and area of Trinidad worth exploring.

There we met up with some more hikers, and when I tell you looks could be deceiving trust me it could.

Some veteran hikers and boy do they know how to enjoy the outdoors.

The Trek

We started on our trek up the hills and across some ridges through the dense bushy Forrest, at one point we were in fog, could have sworn we were in the clouds.

Hill after hill like a see-saw, across some a stream and through vines, the journey took us about two and a half to three hours to reach the Hollis Dam. This is the side of the dam where the water enters not the side with the waste gate.

On the way, these guys would pass on knowledge about the area, and show us what were called scaffolding. These are what hunters use to gain height when they are stalking prey.

On reaching the dam we ran into a group of hunters now having their breakfast and enjoying the morning fresh air. A maximum of ten minutes away from the hunting camp, across part of the dam via a fallen tree trunk, we would arrive at the water fall that meets the dam.

The Site

An extremely amazing sight to see the limestone stepped waterfall and pool at its base. Even more majestic is the dam itself, looking out at the water as the sun shines off the surface.

The guys also described the area on which we were resting, as normally covered with water during rainy season, chest high water, and that the tree we were sitting under you won’t have seen its roots.

But the journey didn’t end there, after we put down bags, and got rid of shoes, we ventured across the pool and to the top of the falls to check out the ones above.

Like the much popular Turere water steps this waterfall must be the most beautiful I have seen in Trinidad so far.


The return

Our return journey I would never forget, after three hours’ hike in, swimming and climbing the falls, we had to climb this steep muddy slope in the thick humid Forrest for approximately two hours which was only two thirds of the way back.

More than seven hours later, muscles in pain, water finished, and hungry everyone was glad to be back at their vehicles.

I would say it was a day well spent first time at a dam, and the falls was amazing, would surly go back and enjoy that waterfall again.


Google map showing trail and location.

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