Charity with Dora and friends – Brasso Seco.

Brasso Seco

Brasso Seco – Madamas

In the later part of 2016 we received some heavy rain that did extensive damage to parts of the northern range, Brasso Seco and Paria in particular.

It’s amazing to see how nature could give and take it away just as easily.

The heavy rain, cause a lot of land slides, uprooted trees and caused rivers to change course, villages were stranded with no access road and means of communication, as those areas cell service is at minimum.

Due to the rain and landslide, the water supply that the inhabitants of the area use became undrinkable.

Dora and Friends

Brasso Seco

Astrid also know as Dora to us hikers, organised a small crew to make a charity run, they gathered water and other supplies and a few of us took the 15th January 2017 to make a delivery run.

To name the lot, Jerome, Ralph, myself (Dewayne), Astrid’s and her Dad ventured out early that morning to make the delivery.

Taking the scenic narrow route via the Arima old road filled with lush landscape and farmers planting on the hillsides, our drive took us maybe more than an hour before reaching Brasso Seco Junction.

Off Road

Brasso Seco

From there we took the Madamas road to Andrews place, this is were the fun started, as we had to engage in four by four on our vehicles to drive along the muddy terrain.

Ten minutes of mud later and up a very steep hill we arrived at the house where Andrew stayed, where we dropped off some supply.

From here the objective was to reach Andrew’s brothers place at the end of the road in the area of Madamas.

Along the way we stop and delivered more supplies at different houses, we then parked one vehicle and all huddle up in one and continued on the way.

My less than a year old with stock tires Nissan Frontier NP300, took us another thirty minutes through the muddy terrain (i stress on muddy) before we parked, and handled it very well.

Andrew at one point said we were the first to come in that road with one of the newer four by fours (4×4).


Brasso Seco

The rest of the journey we did by foot, enjoying the landscape and looking at the damage done by the rain.

Took us maybe less than two hours but we finally reached the location, and you would be surprised to see how people become one with nature.

The area around the house was well keep, no current, no phone just living off the land.

From here we got a tour through the estate, on which they took us to a private waterfall and river, and we also got to see some wild life (including a snake).

On the way back we decided to follow the river, which took us longer but it was pretty cool to see what the river had done with fallen tress and rocks in pieces.

We also visited Sobo waterfall, which had totally changed from last we saw it, where part of the hill had been totally demolished, and the path is now up the river instead of over the hill.

Enjoyed the waterfalls, the off road driving, and spreading joy with villagers, these guys where so welcoming and friendly, great tour guides who also invited us to camp or return anytime we decided, we also received fruits from Andrew.

Tired, dirty and hungry we made our way out, stoping by the bar for some drinks and then proceeded on our way home, not a bad day at indeed.

Google map showing trail and location.

Gallery showing our day at Brasso Seco

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