Hiking at night.

Night Hiking:

A totally different experience is the comparison between hiking in the day verses the night.

At night, the Forrest is usually more alive, the place is cool and a lot creatures come out to roam or hunt. I guess that’s why hunters choose to hunt at night.

It is scary but amazing all at once, listening closely you can hear the different animals making noises, and you can see those reflecting eyes in the distance of varying colors. Still all the dangers apply, those snakes and other predators would be out lurking, so more precaution is taken.

I have done a few night hikes before, and they all where awesome:

  • Chancellor to Fondes Amandes Port of Spain
  • Breaking Dawn at Paria
  • Breaking Dusk at Paria
  • Bamboo Cathedral to Tucker Valley Trail to Huggin’s ruins Samaan park at Chaguaramas


Fondes Amandes at Night

Fondes Amandes

The hike to the top of the pines at Fondes Amandes from the bottom of Chancellor day or night is very rewarding, with its brilliant view of the country’s capital and central Trinidad. In the night when it’s clear you can see all the beautiful lights, that make up the capital. At day, you can see those tall building that make up the capital, and the queens park savannah from way up high.


Paria Sunset

Paria Beach

A place perfect for camping, has the most magical scenery for both dawn and dusk.

I have witness both on multiple occasions. Hiking from the spring bridge from two am to reach the beach before the sun comes up, and from 4pm to catch the sunset.

It is amazing how being on the beach gives sunrise and sunset a whole new appeal, the view is just mesmerizing.

Night hike to Paria are also good for turtle watching, as the beach is a hot spot for those huge leather back sea turtles to lay their eggs.


Most people won’t hike in the day, so hiking at night is defiantly out, big nope, but if you have the proper equipment and the right company it could be a fun adventure. It’s very scary be out in the dark, but right company will change all that.


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