Maracas St Joseph River and Waterfall

Maracas Waterfall

St Joseph Adventures:

For today’s adventure, we decided to go routing in St Joseph, to visit the well-known Maracas waterfall and some pools in the river that flow below it.

Maracas Waterfall is Trinidad’s highest waterfall with an altitude of 91.5 meters, it is located at Waterfall Road Maracas St Joseph Valley.

The source of the fall comes from the southern foothills of Mt. El Tucuche the second highest peak in Trinidad.

Maracas Waterfall

It makes for a great tourist destination, especially since the Ministry of Tourism maintains the trails and made the place more appealing, with signs and a constructed liming area with concrete chairs for relaxing. Kudos on the Ministry for trying to beautify the area.

For the average vehicle parking is normally by the WASA pump as you ascend the hill on Waterfall road, for the bigger (4×4, SUV’s) vehicles you can make it all the way to the constructed area, where the Ministry sign is located.

The falls is approximately twenty minutes from the sign, most of the journey is uphill and will take you across two streams.

Maracas Waterfall

Five minutes from the sign you will see a cut off trail on the right, this takes you to the river where you will find some Jacuzzi-like pools that run off a cliff.

These pools are a nice place to relax, and take in the bubbles of the cold, clear water, but beware of the slippery rocks, and the edge of the cliff.

You will also notice along the way to the falls, a lot of melted candles, flowers, and fruits, even some flags closer to the fall, it seems the area is used for spiritual worship.

Maracas Waterfall:

Reaching the gateway to the falls you will see an old shack, which seems to be there some years.

Maracas Waterfall

The view as you enter the waterfall situated in secluded valley is truly breath taking, as it is surrounded but towering cliffs laden with green vegetation, a natural wonder.

Adding to the scenery are the giant boulders that line the base of the falls.

Unfortunately, this fall has no pool at the base, because the falls does not generate enough hydraulic pressure to form a basin due to the high altitude.

However, the water forms a shower-like spray that is excellent for a cool down on a hot day.

Caution is necessary when walking on the rocks at the base because they a very slippery, and may be deemed dangerous.

It is said that it is best to visit the fall in the rainy season where the water source is greater and you can see the true magnificence of the water spray.

Google map showing trail and location.