La Forêt Beach / Forest Point

La Forêt / Forest Point

La Forêt Beach:

Three kilometers south of the Galera Point Lighthouse is one of Toco’s best-kept secrets, La Forêt Beach also known as Forest Point.

This magical place is accessible from a dirt road on the right after Salybia Beach Toco second wooden bridge if you are on the way to the lighthouse.

Those who like fishing and locals frequent this amazing hide away, as it is a great place for throwing line (fishing) and snorkeling or just hang out with friends.

Depends on what you are driving you can drive straight up to the beach front or onto the beach itself according to the path you choose.

If you are walking it’s a mere thirty to Forty-five minutes to reach this wonder of nature.

The walk to La Forêt is along a wide-open estate road that slopes gently towards the sea.

La Forêt / Forest Point
La Forêt / Forest Point


This heavenly spot is situated between L’anse Contre and L’anse Guyia Bay, the named of which is French in origin.

Many of these areas back in the seventeen hundreds were populated with French estates.

The vegetation consists of secondary growth forests made up of primary wild shrub, coconut and almond trees and the open landscape provided limited protection from the sun‘s radiation.


A rocky peninsula one hundred meters long and twenty-five meters high, separates beaches.

The area is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the soothing Atlantic Breeze.

The beach on the northern side is sheltered with shallow and calm waters. The rocks form Jacuzzi like salt ponds, which provide safe conditions for non-swimmers.

La Forêt / Forest Point
La Forêt / Forest Point

The beach on the southern side is less protected and has gentle waves for swimming.

The water most times of the year is very clean and turquoise in color.

The seascape with its lush green slopes and rocky background provide breath-taking scenery.

La Forêt / Forest Point
La Forêt / Forest Point

If you do manage to visit this secluded spot, please take note and return with your garbage.

Google map showing trail and location.