Avocar, Three Pools – River Adventure

Avocar Waterfall

This adventure took us to Blanchisseuse on the north coast of Trinidad home of Avocar and Three Pools.

In 1797 French Captain Frederick Mallet was charting and surveying the island of Trinidad following its capitulation to the British.

Been told that the village had no name, he wrote on his survey chart “Ladies River” after observing the women washing clothes in the river.

Settlers later on called the place “Blanchissuese” which is French for “washer-woman”.

It is located about midway along the north coast of Trinidad on the northern slope of the Northern Range, about 24 km north of Arima.

Known for its beaches, and the more famous spring bridge, which crosses the amazing Marianne River.

It is a great place for a road trip and taking the family out for a river or beach lime.

Parking at the Blanchissuese beach facility where you pay for secure parking, our trek took us along the Marianne River passed the spring bridge into the forest.


Avocar Waterfall

Avocar Waterfall

Avocar also know as Avocat Waterfall can be accessed two ways, the easiest is via Pops Avenue on the Arima old road.

This trek is about fifteen to twenty minutes down river before crossing the hill at the junction to the waterfall.

The trail we took started at the spring bridge, and diverts from the three pools trail uphill into the forest.

Approximately forty-five minutes across hills to arrive at the river junction, then crossing the junction takes you to the waterfall.

The area is rocky and the water is cold, but it’s a sight to calm the nerves, with the roar of the clean clear water powering over the edge to the pool below.

The view and also the pool at the top of the waterfall are absolutely amazing, worth visiting, the pool at the top is also deeper.

After a quick photo shoot and dip we then proceeded down the Marianne River.

About thirty-five minutes, down the Rocky River, floating across pools, and down stream with the current would take us to three pools.

Three Pools

Three Pools

A nature lover’s paradise, a combination of 3 three consecutive basins

surrounded by massive rocks with a powerful flow of water.

These pools are great for those who like the thrill of cliff jumping into water.

The second pool is deep enough for diving, but be cautious of fallen trees below the surface of the water.

There is also a natural water-slide connecting the first and second pools.

Blanchisseuse River

On a clear day these pool are clean and the water is amazing, unfortunately walking down the river in a big group raises the silt and discolors the water.

The walk from the pools back to the vehicle is about thirty minutes or less, this loop is a nice river adventure, for all water lovers.

Hikers may also go to the individual locations using the shorter trails.


Google map showing trail and location.

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