Mystic Pool – Matura River

Matura River

Matura is a rural village along the east-northeast coast of Trinidad.

Which has traditionally seen most of its economic returns from fishing and agriculture.

Matura has, in fact, become known as one of the best turtle watching beaches and draws the significant percentage of eco-tourists visiting the country annually.

It is also home to a number of tourist attractions:

Matura River

Matura River

It’s one of the most amazing rivers on the north coast of Trinidad, my personal favorite.

This river is home to a number of hiking destinations mainly Mermaid Pools, because of its ease of access.

Some of the of the more difficult destinations include Manuelot Waterfall, and Mystic Pool.

Access to river begins in Thomas Trace Matura, where you can drive about two kilometers into the scenic forrest through the pine and bamboo.

Here you can take a number of trails to access the river.

A few days with some sun and no rain and the river is a sight for sore eyes, with crystal clear water.

Matura River

Mystic Pool

This particular pool can be accessed two ways.

The shorter way and more challenging way is by going up the river from Mermaid Pools.

This journey is really interesting as you are going against the current.

You will have to swim across some pools or divert around them thought the bush.

It would take approximately an hour up the river to reach the destination.

The other way is to take the trail, which passes the Mermaid pool trail and head into the Forrest across the hill.

It would take you approximately an hour and a half to go across the hill and them down the tributary, which takes you to the river right, where you can head down river to Mystic Pool.

On a sunny dry day this pool is amazing, the deepest point may be about fifteen feet, and you can see the bottom of the pool, due to the clean clear water.


Google map showing trail and location.

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