Manzanilla – Beach and Broadwalk

Manzanilla Broadwalk

Manzanilla Beach

Coconut trees lining the pristine shoreline, approximately fifteen miles of glistening sand where the waves crash of the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of Trinidad is where you will find Manzanilla Beach.

This never ending beach is one of the best secluded beaches for long strolls, family picnics, camping activities and beach limes with friends and families.

It is one of the more spacious beaches as you can look for quiet spots along the very scenic stretch of road to pull over and access the beach.

One of the recommended beaches for those wanting to escape the noise and frenzy and enjoy a quiet beach experience.

In addition to the quiet seaside experience, changing rooms, bathroom and toilet facilities are also available at the boardwalk.

Manzanilla Stretch

Manzanilla Beach is also known for turtle sightings and is one of the largest leather-back turtle nesting beaches on the island.

On the other side of the spectrum, it is also one of the best bird-watching sites and most scenic along the East Coast.

If you like driving the stretch from Mazanilla to Mayaro it the perfect road to enjoy the scenery and cool sea breeze as you make way through the coconut trees.


Manzanilla Beach

After part of shoreline was damaged a few years back, the beach resort was given a facelift, here by the construction of the boardwalk.

Brightly painted picnic tables and benches strategically placed in a neat row along the beach with a clear view of the sea.

Semi-enclosed picnic areas for those who prefer a little more privacy.

The most striking aspect of the upgrade, visitors seemed to be content with just taking a casual stroll along the boardwalk decorated by large concrete plant pots or leaning over its railing and looking out at the sea.

Manzanilla Broadwalk

The cool breeze and the spray from the tide as it crashes into the retaining wall, has such a soothing effect that you can spend the entire day just on the boardwalk and still return home feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

There are steps leading down to the water ,since the entire beach facility is raised a few feet above the sea shore.

Ramps where also constructed to allow easy access to the sea by those who are using wheelchairs.

The waters on this part of the coastline are often rough but that does not deter some from taking a dip in the sea.

In fact, you can get a good soak as the waves hit the retention wall with such force that seawater comes up as high as the boardwalk railing.


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