Guapo Beach – Clifton Hill

Guapo Beach

At the beginning of the 20th century (before the discovery of oil), Point Fortin was an agricultural community with three distinct and separately owned cocoa and coconut estates.

These estates were sparsely populated. Employment was provided for a small number of workers who depended on the estates for their living accommodation as well as their food and other supplies.

Travel in and out of Point Fortin was by coastal steamers as there was no road into or out of the area. The inhabited area was located along the seacoast.

Guapo Beach

Point Fortin, officially the Republic Borough of Point Fortin, the smallest Borough in Trinidad and Tobago is located in southwestern Trinidad, in the historic county of Saint Patrick.

After the discovery of petroleum in the area in 1906 the town grew into a major oil-producing centre.

The town grew with the oil industry between the 1940s and 1980s, culminating in its elevation to borough status in 1980.

After the end of the oil boom Point Fortin was hit hard by economic recession in the 1980s and the closure of its oil refinery.

Construction of a Liquefied Natural Gas plant by Atlantic LNG in late 1990s boosted the economy.

Guapo Beach

Guapo Beach

Guapo Beach located at Clifton Hill road in the Borough of Point Fortin.

The beach has parking and washroom facilities for use by the public.

The water is calm with no kind of waves, and is not the conventional north coast beach that we know.

The water is clean but discolored.

A good place for kayaking and other water Sports.

Sitting on the beach you can see the fires of some of these oil refineries located off the shore.

A nice location for watching the sunset.

Guapo Beach

Clifton Hill Beach Resort

The 9,100 square foot fa­cil­i­ty, lo­cat­ed at Guapo Beach, Point Fortin, in­cludes:

  • An in­fin­i­ty pool
  • Beach bar
  • Beach pavil­ion
  • Mul­ti-lev­el sun­set lounge with court yard
  • Eat­ing ar­eas, boat house
  • Car park
  • Chang­ing rooms
  • Fine din­ing at the For­t­ay Restau­rant.


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